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About the journal

Alcoologie et Addictologie is a peer reviewed scientific journal that provides a forum for clinical and public health relevant research and perspectives that contributes to improving the quality of prevention and care for people with unhealthy alcohol, tobacco, or other drug addictive behaviors.


- Research (Original studies and Systematic reviews).
- Reviews.
- Clinical practice includes case reports and case studies.
- Critical eye includes all sound, constructive and contributory reflections and opinions.
- Letters to the editor.
- Meeting reports.
- International research analysis and Book reviews.


Manuscripts are first evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief based on the following criteria (where applicable): originality and timeliness, clarity of writing, appropriateness of research methods, validity of data, strength of the conclusions and whether the data support them, and whether the topic falls within the scope of the journal.
Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria are rejected promptly. Otherwise, manuscripts are sent to the Associate Editor entrusted with organizing relevant expertise for evaluation. Alcoologie et Addictologie aims to provide a first decision within 8 weeks of submission. Authors may appeal a decision, and the Editor-in-Chief will normally consider the appeal and make a final decision.


Any manuscript, or substantial parts of it, submitted to the journal must not be under consideration by any other journal. In general, the manuscript should not have already been published in any journal or other citable form. Authors are required to ensure that no material submitted as part of a manuscript infringes existing copyrights, or the rights of a third party.


Submission of a manuscript to Alcoologie et Addictologie implies that all authors have read and agreed to its content. Any experimental research that is reported in the manuscript should be performed with the approval of an appropriate ethics committee. Manuscript reporting experimental research without prior approval from an ethics committee can be considered as Clinical practice if a reasonable justification is provided. Research carried out on humans must be in compliance with the Helsinki Declaration, and any experimental research on animals must follow internationally recognized guidelines. A statement to this effect must appear in the Methods section of the manuscript.
For all articles that include information or clinical photographs relatingto individual patients, informed consent should be mentioned, written and signed consent from each patient to publish must also be made available if requested by the editorial staff.


Alcoologie et Addictologie requires authors to declare any competing financial or other interest in relation to their work. All competing interests that are declared will be listed at the end of published articles. Where an author gives no competing interests, the listing will read "The author(s) declare that they have no competing interests".


Alcoologie et Addictologie supports initiatives aimed at improving the reporting of biomedical research. Authors are encouraged to make use of checklists available such as CONSORT criteria for randomized controlled trials. Alcoologie et Addictologie also supports prospective registering and numbering of clinical trials.


Articles in Alcoologie et Addictologie should be cited in the same way as articles in a traditional journal. Article citations follow this format:
Palle C, Daoust M, Houchi A, Kusterer M. Caractéristiques des alcoolo-dépendants accueillis dans les centres de traitement résidentiel spécialisés. Alcoologie et Addictologie. 2010; 32 (1): 15-23.


Any complete or partial reproduction or representation, by any process, of the pages published in the journal, without the publisher's permission, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright. Only reproductions strictly reserved for private use and not intended for collective use and brief quotations, justified by the scientific or informative nature of the article friom which they are taken, will be authorized (art. L. 122-4, L. 122-5 and L. 335-2 of the french Intellectual Property Act).

> Publication costs

The publication costs for Alcoologie et Addictologie are covered by the journal, so authors do not need to pay an article-processing charge.

> Offprints

20 hard copies are sent free of charge to the main author.
Additional offprints as well as an electronic version (PDF format)can be purchased for all articles published. For further information about ordering offprints, please contact PRINCEPS Editions:


Instructions for authors

Manuscripts must be submitted in a given section by one of the authors of the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief, c/o PRINCEPS Editions. A hard and a soft copy should be sent.
Alcoologie et Addictologie accepts manuscripts written in French and English.


The title page should:
- provide the title of the article (no more than eight words; please note abbreviations should be avoided);
- list the full names (with only the first letter in capitals), institutional addresses and email addresses for all authors;
- indicate the corresponding author;
- indicate any confict of interest.


The Abstract of the manuscript should be 200 words long. For Research heading, it must be structured into separate sections: Background, Methods, Results, Discussion.
Three to five key-words are required.


It should be written in a way that is accessible without specialist knowledge in that area.

> METHODS (where applicable)

The Methods section should include the design of the study and the type of analysis used, and the patients' informed consent should be mentioned.

> RESULTS (where applicable)

The experimental data should be described succinctly but completely in text without redundancy between figures and tables or discrepancy between text and tables.


The discussion of the experimental findings and their interpretation should be brief and focused. Alternative interpretations and/or limitations in the procedures should be explained.

> Length of the article

The length of articles should be limited to 4,000 words for Research papers and Reviews, references excluded. It is cut down to 2,000 words for Critical eye, Clinical practice and others.

> Abbreviations

Abbreviations should be used as sparingly as possible. They should be defined when first used and a list of abbreviations can be provided following the main manuscript text.

> Authors' contributions

In order to give appropriate credit to each author of a paper, the individual contributions of authors to the manuscript should be specified.

> Acknowledgements

Please acknowledge anyone who contributed towards the article by making substantial contributions but who does not meet the criteria for authorship.

> Footnotes

They are not allowed.


References are limited to 50 (up to 100 for Reviews only).
They must be numbered and cited in sequence in the text and presented in a reference list.
All web links and URLs, including links to the authors' own websites, should be given a reference number and included in the reference list rather than within the text of the manuscript.
To ensure the editorial requirements allowing indexing of Alcoologie et Addictologie in international databases, we have adopted the Vancouver uniform requirements ( bsd/uniform_requirements.html).
Examples of the Alcoologie et Addictologie reference style:
- Article within a journal
Aubin HJ, Auriacombe M, Reynaud M, Rigaud A. Implication pour lalcoologie de l'évolution des concepts en addictologie. De l'alcoolisme au trouble de l'usage d'alcool. Alcoologie et Addictologie. 2013; 35 (4): 309-15.
- In press article
Despres C, Demagny L, Bungener M. Les pratiques médicales desevrage du patient alcoolo-dépendant. Influence de la conférence de consensus de 1999. Alcoologie et Addictologie. Forthcoming 2011.
- Book chapter, or article within a book
Adès J. Jeu pathologique. In: Lejoyeux M, editor. Addictologie. Paris: Masson; 2008. p. 229-38.


Illustrations should be provided as separate files, not embedded in the text file. Please note that it is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce figures or tables that have previously been published elsewhere.
Tables should be numbered and cited in sequence using Roman numerals.Figures will be numbered using Arabic numerals.





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