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The SFA missions

The SFA helps to develop knowledge in the field of alcohol whatever the branch of learning. 
As regards the use and misuse of alcohol, SFA works on primary care, therapeutics, evaluation and others.

Multiple consumptions and co-dependence led the SFA to take a increasing interest in addiction in a broad sense.
The SFA participates to information as well as initial and continuing education, and wants to offer a forum where specialized researchers and practitioners in the field can exchange ideas and experience.

The SFA brings its expertise to the public health decision makers and communicates with other organizations in the field of alcohol and addiction – tobacco, illegal drugs, psychotropic drugs abuse – at national and international level.


Reference points

1978 >

Dr Pierre Fouquet creates the SFA

1992 >

The SFA is acknowledged as a training organization

1998 >

The SFA is acknowledged as a Public Utility association

1999 >

1st consensus conference on the withdrawal of alcohol dependent patients

2000 >

The journal Alcoologie changes to Alcoologie et Addictologie
Creation of the French Addiction Federation, of which the SFA is a founder member

2001 >

2nd consensus conference on maintaining abstinence in alcohol dependent patients
Recommendations for clinical practice: definitions and classifications in the field of alcohol

2002 >

Recommendations for clinical practice: alcohol abuse during pregnancy

2003 >

Recommendations for clinical practice: alcohol misuse without dependence

2004 >

Mobilization against the alteration of the Evin Law

2010 >

2010 ISBRA World Congress sponsored by the SFA

2013 >

Recommendations for clinical practice: misuse of psychoactive drugs at workplace
Recommendations: elderly people and alcohol use

2014 >

Recommendations for clinical practice: alcohol misuse - screening, diagnosis and treatment



> Alcohology, addictology: new practices, new actors, new stakes
   Paris, March 12-13, 2020
   Download the abstracts booklet
   Download the presentations :
. Primary prevention - Benchmarks - Health services: Mrs Viêt Nguyen Thanh
. Dual diagnosis: Dr Romain Icick - Dr Jérôme Lacoste
. Advanced practice nurse: Mrs Camille Lefebvre-Durel - Mrs Myriam Sagnard
. Hepatitis C - what remains to be done: Dr Juliette Foucher - Prof. François Paille
. Primary care - Early screening and brief intervention: what place in addictology?: Prof. Philippe Binder - Prof. Philippe Castera - Dr Julie Dupouy
. Research and prevention: Mr Arnaud Carré - Mrs Ingrid Gillaizeau
. Expert patient: Prof. André Grimaldi
. Free communications: Dr Romain Gomet - Dr Samir Noui & Prof Alain Dervaux - Dr Anne-Louise Pot
. Posters: Mrs Iris Chipaux - Mrs Chloé Deschamps - Dr Lan Tien Nguyen - Mrs Carole Picot - Mrs Bénédicte Schied - Dr Thomas Wallenhorst

> Ehealth, technological innovations and addictology: issues and experiences
   Amiens, March 14-15, 2019
   Download the abstracts booklet
   Download the speakers' slides:
. Numerical tools and cognitive remediation: Mr Rubén Miranda - Mr Valentin Flaudias & Prof. Georges Brousse
. Virtual reality therapy: Dr Eric Malbos
. Telemedicine and tele-expertise: Mrs Catherine Martin - Dr Rémi Vannobel
. Elearning: Dr Olivier Bory - Dr Anne-Laurence Le Faou
. Users and social networks: what place in addictology?: Mr Pierre Chappard - Dr Perrine Roux
. "Apps" in alcoholology, which applications for which uses?: Mr Aymery Constant
. Free communications: Mr Sullivan Fontesse - Dr Thomas Orban

> Alcohology and addictology : complexity of situations - plurality of responses
   Paris, March 14-16, 2018
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   Download the speakers' slides:
. What's new on patient assessment? Prof. Georges Brousse - Dr Benjamin Rolland
. Alcohol
and care pathway: A patient living in a rural area - A patient with psychiatric comorbidities and a social problem - A patient with cognitive disorders
. Alcohol
and workplace: Dr Gérald Demortière - Mrs Jamila El Berry - Mrs Marie Pezé
. Alcohol
and liver: Prof. Vincent Mallet - Prof. Romain Moirand
. Alcohol
and other psychoactive substances (discussions): Prof. Maurice Dematteis - Prof. Romain Moirand - Prof. François Paille
. Tabac and cannabis: Prof. Henri-Jean Aubin - Dr Michaël Bisch - Prof. Bertrand Dautzenberg
. Eating disorders
and alcohol: Dr Paul Brunault - Prof. Ronan Thibault - Prof. Olivier Ziegler
. Gambling in alcoholic populations: Prof. Joël Billieux
. Therapeutics: Mrs Alice Laniepce and Dr Nicolas Cabé - Prof. Gérard Ostermann
. The point on the baclofen: Prof. François Paille
. Free communications: Dr Bruno Bas - Mrs Léa Hunsicker - Dr Ludivine Legros - Mrs Catherine Vilpoux - Mr Oulmann Zerhouni

> The therapeutic efficacy determinants
   Paris, March 15-17, 2017
   Download the abstracts booklet

> Alcohol and associated consumptions: from the conception to the adolescence
   Paris, March 23-25, 2016
   Download the abstracts booklet

> To act in the field near the patient
   Paris, March 18-20, 2015
   Download the abstracts booklet

> From prevention to care. Pragmatism and efficiency in alcohol medicine
   Paris, March 19-21, 2014
   Download the abstracts booklet

> Recommendations. Misuse of psychoactive substances and occupational environment
   Paris, March 20, 2013
   Download the abstracts booklet

> DSM-5: a new concept, a new clinical approach?
   Paris, March 21, 2013
   Download the abstracts booklet

> The meeting in alcohol medicine
   Paris, March 22, 2013
   Download the abstracts booklet

> The future of addiction medicine: the patient, his relations and the support groups
   Paris, October 18-19, 2012
   Download the abstracts booklet

> Controversies and topicality in alcohol medicine
   Paris, March 22-23, 2012
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> 2010 ISBRA World Congress sponsored by the SFA
   Current topics and innovations in alcohol research
   Paris, September 13-16, 2010
   Download a selection of abstracts

> Alcohol misuse: screening, diagnosis and treatment - SFA Good practice recommendation - 2014
   Introduction - Recommendations - Key messages - Appendix
   Public statements of interest: F. Abramovici - A. Arthus-Bertrand - H.J. Aubin - P. Batel - F. Chambonneau - J.B. Daeppen - C. Dano - M.H. Debar - M. Dematteis - P. Gache - J.L. Gallais - A.F. Hirsch-Vanhoenacker - K. Mann - R. Moirand - B. Rolland - C. Simon - F. Vabret

> Elderly people and alcohol use - 2013
   Download the Recommendations short text
   Download the Introduction
   Download the Question 1 – How to define the elderly population?
   Download the Question 2 – Alcohol misuserelated complications in the elderly
   Download the Question 3 – Which are the screening means of the risks related to these consumptions in elderly people?
   Download the Question 4 – What are the objectives of interventions in the elderly people? What are the relevant means of intervention? Which are the results?
   Download the Question 5 – Which actions of primary care of alcohol-related risks are adapted to the elderly people?

> Screening and management of the misuse of psychoactive substances susceptible to generate behavior disorders in occupational environment - 2013
   Download the Recommendations short text
   Download the Recommendations

> Baclofen
   Download the SFA report - march 2018
   Download the results of the SFA national online survey: Off-Label Baclofen Prescribing Practices among French Alcohol Specialists: Results of a National Online Survey
   Download the SFA group synthesis (June 15, 2011)

> Gamma hydroxybutyric acid - GHB
   Download the SFA group synthesis (February 10, 2012)

> Perspectives in the medical treatment of alcohol dependence
   Download the SFA group synthesis (February 7, 2012)


Veissière Award

   This prize, worth 2,000 euros, aims to reward original works, published in the form of a thesis, dissertation or article in a peer-reviewed journal, in the field of psychosocial research in alcohology.
   Download the information concerning the 2022 Veissière Award.

   Prize winner of 2021 Veissière Award: Mrs Aude Rault
Thesis "Etude des déterminants psychosociaux des alcoolisations chez les sportifs : mise en place et évaluation d'interventions de prévention".
   Download the Thesis abstract.

   Prize winner of 2020 Veissière Award: Mrs Claire Hiernaux
Research about "Le développement spirituel comme processus de rétablissement d'un trouble de l'usage d'alcool ? Etude de la résilience, la qualité de vie et la spiritualité d'une population de membres des Alcooliques anonymes".
   Download the Thesis abstract "Addiction, spirituality and recovery".
   Download the article "The 12-step program, a driving force for resiliency? A specification of an Alcoholics Anonymous members sample according to their resiliency and spirituality".
   Download the article "The spiritual awakening, a remedy for alcoholism? In AA members".

   Prize winner of 2019 Veissière Award: Dr Chanaëlle Obadia
Thesis "Impact des patients experts en addictologie auprès des étudiants en médecine : une étude qualitative".
   Download the presentation of the 2019 prize-winning work.